Terms of Services

How do I hire staffs from your platform

Direct Employment:

Hiring a staff from our platform is as easy as just surfing through our website and search what kind of staff you want, contact them directly and hire them. Kindly note that staffs hired using this method might be and might not be as experienced as their profile claims as it is an open source method and they have the right to upload whatever information they like on their profile. These staffs might need to go through a special series of interview by your hiring manager to filter what suits your hospitality firm. Hiring these sets of staff is 100% at employers risk.

Staffs hire through this platform has the right to leave the job with or without prior notice depending on what both party agreed.

Indirect Employment:

Hiring a staff using this platform entails that you fill a form on our website which will contain all informations we need to get you a perfect staff to suit your need. Our group of hospitality emloyers interviews them based on your request so as to relief you the stress of interviewing. These staffs are on our special package plan as we personally train them to suit the current modern hospitality requirements. Hiring using this platform attracts a 30% free charge of what you’ll be paying them as a monthly salary payable by you (the employer) which can only last for six month. This means that if one of our staffs decides to resign unexpectedly, we shall keep providing you a replacement for the next six month for.  In cases where any of the staff hired using this method We owe ourselves accountable for their misbehaviours and have in plan the right punishments to give to any staffs who misbehaves. Please kindly note that you do not have the right to sanction any of our staffs hired through this method. All you have to do is report their misconduct to us and we’ll carry out necessary punishments.

A working terms and condition shall be sent to you upon employment of any of our staff and a set of rules and regulation shall also be sent to our staffs to enable easy flow of work.

Terms and conditions

-         When you sign up on our website either a s a verified or non-verified member, we have a right to your personal information as they will be electronically transmitted to your prospective employer.

-         Becoming a verified member will require additional informations like your utility bill and National Identity Number and verified guarantor as verified members have access to premium job. Therefore, we need to collate reasonable informations about you upon requesting for verification. Your personal informations like your Home address and ID Number shall be kept private and shall remain in our custody.


-         As a verified member, you have no right to insult, disrespect or disobey any rules and regulation as agreed between Hire A Chef, yourself and your employer. If any of these happens, your contract shall be terminated with your employer immediately while you retain two more chances with “Hire A Chef” if we find you disobey or misbehave five times within six months of signing up with us, you shall be fully banned from using our verified platform and this might make it difficult for you to get an hospitality job anywhere in your country as it will be displayed on your records publicly.


Employers dos and don’t.

Slapping, beating, flogging of any of our staff by the employer is highly prohibited  unless in cases where misunderstanding happens  between two staffs.

Forcing employers to close at a time later than what is agreed on the agreement is highly prohibited unless agreed personally by both party.

Sending employers on extra errands apart from that which is stated on the agreement is highly prohibited unless agreed by both parties.